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What do you mean... Jesus?

When we look into the Bible we see the name "Jesus" in modern English. In the Old English it was written as Iesus.

When the Gutenberg Press was invented in 1440 AD, there was a problem of discerning the lower case letter l (L) and the number 1 and the capital I (i) because they all looked the same. So Johanan Gutenberg elongated the letter "i" to look like this.... "j", which had the same phonetic sound as the letter "i" and the letter "y". The word "ies", "jes" and "yes" were pronounced exactly the same. The same with the name Iesus which is pronounced as ee'ay'sous.

This name was transliterated from the Greek spelling of Ἰησοῦς Iesous.

This word is found in the Strong's Concordance as G2424.

It is supposed to be from H3091 which is translated into English as "Joshua". This word is found as יְהוֹשׁוּעַ in modern Hebrew and is pronounced as Yeho-shua with the Masoretes vowel pointings invented a little over one thousand years ago. As you know, Hebrew is read from right to left, so the letters we see on the right hand side is יְהוֹ, pronounced as Yeho by the Masoretes. Because of this pronunciation the translators then translated the name of the Creator as Jeho-vah. What is not readily known is this Modern Hebrew is actually Aramaic Square Script adopted from the Babylonians when Nebuchadnezzar conquered and displaced the Tribe of YaHUdah/Judah in Babylon.

Interestingly most everyone says Hallelu-YaH not Hallelu-Yeho.

It is supposed by many so-called "scholars" that everyone spoke Greek two thousand years ago, yet the Historian Josephus wrote, "the Jews refused to learn the language" and Josephus himself had to learn Greek "with much difficulty" in order to write the Antiquity of the Jews in Greek for the Roman Emperor Domitian.

If a person were to remove the vowel pointings invented by the Masoretes we would get this...... יהושוע. This is still the Aramaic spelling without the vowels "dots and dashes". The Hebrew spelling is יהושע in the Aramaic Square Script.

The big question is, how do you pronounce this name? There are five letters and the three on the right is part of the NAME of the Creator. The Jews will do anything to prevent a person of saying the ineffable NAME. But interestingly there is a Prime Minister in Israel who happens to have the NAME in his, Benyamin "Bibi" NetanYaHU. This name in Aramaic Square Script is בנימן ביבי נתניהו. Notice how the last three letters on the left is enlarged; this is the same three letters in this name.... יהושע. These three letters is pronounced as YaHU.

So all we have to do is find out how to pronounce the other two letters " שע " in this name. We all know there is a Prophet named Elisha and regardless of how knowledgeable a person is in pronouncing Hebrew names we can all say "sha".

So if we were to put these two parts together we would get YaHUsha. This is H3091 in the Strong's Concordance and it isn't "Joshua" like we are told but YaHUsha, which is the same Name our Messiah has. It means YaHU Saves.

Now you can look high and low to find a meaning for "jesus" or "Iesous" in Greek and you wont find a meaning. The reason is because it is an Aramaic acronym. How could our Messiah have an "acronym" for a name? Who put it into the Greek translation? The Greeks were very good at transliterating Hebrew names, so why do they get this "iesous"?

The Aramaic equivalent is YeSHU. If your wondering why there is an "s" on the end of the name is because this is the way the Greeks denote the masculine gender. Now the Greeks don't have an "sh" sound in their language so they use an "s" instead. If you look at the name of Mose-s you will see the masculine gender "s" on the end. You will also see the "s" in the middle, which is the Hebrew "sh" for Moshe. So you see how they do it in Greek.

The Aramaic Yeshu or ישו stands for Yimach Shemo Uzichro or in the acronym YeSHU. This is where Iesou comes from and with the masculine "s" on the end is Iesous transliterated into English as Iesus or Jesus. It is the worst curse you can pronounce on an individual and is found in the [Psalm 109:13]. It means, "May His Name And Memory Be Blotted out".

So now you know what the real name is and what we have been duped into believing by our so called "scholars. Our Creator named HIS only begotten Son with a Name that reveals who is doing the Saving...... YaHU Saves. The first place this name was used was in [Numbers 13:16] by Moshe/Moses and it is the last word......

Modern Hebrew
אלה שמות האנשים
אשר־שלח משה לתור
את־הארץ ויקרא משה
להושע בן־ נון

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