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Photo by Becca Biderman March 29, 2017.

Data from the Israeli New Moon Society.

The new moon of Nisan seen by many observers as it was an easy moon. An observation from Mount of olives.

The New Moon was seen from the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, Israel this evening (Wednesday 29th March 2017). I saw the Moon with binoculars (25 x 100 mm) at 18:37 (UTC+03). The following people saw the Moon with the naked eye:

Norman Willis 18:52
Roy Hoffman 18:54
Dov Stein 19:03
David McCready 19:03
Golan Shai-Cohen 19:05
Aharon Stern 19:05

The sky was somewhat hazy. Temperature 18°C, Pressure 925 mBar, Relative humidity 34%.

Other observations from Israel:

Rebecca Biederman Poria Ilit 19:00
Naama Avia Talmon 19:03
Eli Katz Ofra 19:13
Yaakov Epstein 19:13
Yaakov Nemet Haifa - 19:13
Moshe Glantz - Yerucham - 19:19
Gadi Eidelheit - Givat Shmuel - 19:19
Daniel Pano - Kdumim 19:45

Photo by Dave McCready

Photo by Dave McCready

Photos by Becca Biderman

Photos by Becca Biderman

Photos by Becca Biderman

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